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China Using Radars to Track Mosquitos

When we think about the uses for radars, it typically pertains to broadcasting television or radio signals, or other forms of communication. But it appears the Chinese government is looking into the possibility of using radars to detect mosquito migrations, and warn people about those mosquitos.

Radars and Mosquitos

Mosquitos are a massive problem in different parts of the world, given their propensity to carry harmful diseases. In China, mosquitos are known to carry disease such as malaria and zika. Depending on where the mosquitoes migrate, they can expose thousands or millions of people to the possibility of getting these diseases.

Tracking Mosquitos

China already has radar systems that detect missiles, aircrafts and drones. It is rumored the team that is heading the mosquito project received more than $10 million in funding, and is closer than we think to perfecting the technology.

The radar would emit electromagnetic wave pulses at various frequencies. When those waves come into contact with a mosquito, they can come back and deliver information on the species, speed and direction of the insect(s).

What Goes Into a Radar System?

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Radar systems involve a lot more than the massive radars that we see on the outside. So many smaller components must function perfectly for a radar system to operate at high efficiency. That is why a product like the rf directional coupler is always being improved. When manufacturers are able to get better quality and features within these smaller components, such as directional couplers, the range and functionality of the entire radar system improves.

It is unclear whether the Chinese government will succeed in its bid to identify mosquitos by radar, but it is an innovative move that is sure to attract the interest of other companies and governments. And it could save millions of lives!