Features Of Ultrasonic Materials Supply Management

There will be a number of angles to take in highlighting the characteristic features of this business. This short note takes the angle of the variety of sonics and materials available for purchase and the manner in which these applications are put together and supplied to the broad based processing and manufacturing industries. Ultrasonic converters are provided to the industrialists as new or rebuilt. Pre-owned or secondhand converters are also available for purchase.

New ultrasonic converters are purposely and necessarily manufacturer in line with the laid down OEM specifications.

A rebuilt ultrasonic converter will contain 4 to 6 piezo electric ceramics in 20kHz systems. 2 to 4 ceramics operating at other frequencies are placed between metal wafers. These wafers separate each ceramic and distribute its positive charge and negative ground across the surface of each ceramic.

Pre-owned ultrasonic converters are never sourced for its looks. It should not even be the case where brand new converters are concerned either. Responsible and purpose driven users should always have performance and practicalities in mind. But they also have affordability in mind. Nevertheless, all professionally pre-owned units are guaranteed for at least one year.

sonics and materials

Those owners who need to have their existing apparatus repaired or reconfigured send them in to the source supplier and his engineering team.  The ultrasonic converter or transducer is fully inspected and tested to ensure that issues with the apparatus are detected. If a driver is at fault, it will be removed from its canister and replaced with a new driver. This new driver has a strict shelf life of no more than six months. Enough said then.

Enough info on sonics and materials. What is next on the agenda is entirely up to you. Ideally, you will be delving deeper if new purchases are your purpose.